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Who are the Big Six Energy Suppliers? | Polar Energy

Who really are the “Big 6” Energy suppliers?

Spoken to somebody from the energy business? They probably mentioned the fabled “Big Six Energy Companies”, as if you automatically know who they are…

Well, here you go, a quick guide to the Big Six themselves, but don’t forget, there are sometimes smaller energy suppliers that could get you a better deal on your business energy costs – just have a chat with the team at Polar Energy about your business energy prices!

Well, no surprises there then. Sure, other companies have a HUGE media presence too, British Gas still remains the largest when you consider it’s Centrica Group parent company, and Scottish Gas too.

  • 30000 staff
  • 2015 Profit: £574m

Another huge player when it comes to both commercial and domestic energy, E.ON is a much newer player, entering into the energy market back in the year 2000 after a merger of two German firms.

  • 12,000 UK staff
  • 2015 profit: £267m

Now very well recognised at homes and businesses around the UK, npower is actually another German group.

  • 11,501 staff
  • 2015 Profit: N/A

Not often known under the name Scottish and Southern Energy anymore, SSE is another relative newcomer, having formed in the late 90’s.

While there are other energy suppliers that take on large shares of renewable energy sources, SSE stands out in the Big 6 in this way.

  • 21,000
  • 2016 Profit: £785.4m

SSE aren’t the only Scottish based Big Six energy provider. Enter Scottish Power, which formed in 1990 after privatisation. Another big user of renewable sources for it’s electricity (Scotland has quite a lot of opportunity for this), Scottish Power is also a huge charity provider.

  • 9,953 Staff
  • 2015 Operating profits: £665m

Being based in France doesn’t stop EDF being one of our Big Six energy suppliers here in the UK, and since 2009 when it began acquiring 8 UK Nuclear power stations, EDF is sometimes considered to lead the way when it comes to nuclear power.

  • Staff: 13331
  • 2015 before tax profits: £296m

So, that’s the big six?

Really, there’s no surprises when you think about it, and most energy broking companies will have a relationship with each of these big players in UK energy.

Because of their huge reach, advertising and assets, the Big Six can sometimes offer some fantastic Business Energy deals, but it can be well worth looking at some of the smaller suppliers too when searching for optimum business energy prices for your unique business needs.

Not sure where to start?

A chat with the professionals at Polar Energy is FREE, so why not start there?

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